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Foto: Marlene Gawrisch


I work as a freelance journalist between Rome, Italy and Hamburg, Germany. My specialty is to unravel Roman politics and show its consequences – for Berlin, Bern, Brussels and Vienna. I work against prejudices, for a better inner-european understanding and I’m always curious to see what my next research will bring.

Other topics: Migration, EU, populism and sustainable economy.

I am a member of Freischreiber, the association of German freelance journalists, the foreign press association in Italy and co-founder of Magma, a journalistic project that deals with the Mediterranean and its climate crisis.

Are you looking for someone to discover Italy for your readers, who goes underneath the surface and writes it all up without fuss? Send me an email to: mail@virginia-kirst.com

You can find more of my day-to-day work on Twitter, more about me on LinkedIn and here you can find some samples of my work (in German).